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Magical stories with Axolotls, 3 parts: Space, Ocean, Earth.

A.B. Axelsson is an imaginative and creative author who has written the captivating coloring and story writing book ”Magical Stories with Axolotls”. This serie contains 3 parts: Space, Ocean and Earth. In each part you will meet 10 different Axolotls. Each book takes readers on an exciting journey through the magical world of axolotls and their magical adventures underwater. Through vivid illustrations, readers can color and create their own story within the pages of the book. With its unique and captivating plotlines, A.B. Axelsson has crafted a truly unique and special experience for readers of all ages, especially between 9 to 12 years.

The purpose of each book is to bring a smile to children’s faces. Children have the opportunity to explore their knowledge about the beautiful world of axolotls, by learning about their unique and fascinating behaviours. They can read and collect the information from the Internet and/or other books. At least one of the books is a must-have for any child. The stories written by a child can be full of color and adventure, giving him/her the opportunity to use their imaginations to create their own magical tales. The accompanying activities are engaging and educational, helping children to develop their creative thinking and writing skills. Whether your child loves animals, stories, or both, ”Magical Stories with Axolotls” are the perfect books to add to their library! Choose one or all of them!

• Book size: 8.5×11 in
• Unique illustrations, copywrited
• 3 pages for each story
• Soft cover with matte finish
• Great for beginners and for experienced writers
• This is a serie of 3:
o Part I – SPACE
o Part II – OCEAN
o Part III – EARTH

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